Avanti Studebaker Ford Dodge Jeep

Jeep Hoods - Custom 1941-1952

willys custom hood
Jeep Hood: CJ2 Type WILLYS stamped sides
Jeep Hood: WILLYS silhouette cut out black light
Jeep Hood: No stamping or cut-outs
Jeep Hood: Large WILLYS stamping across front

Our new hood is an exceptional product intended to fill a specific custom or severe-use need. Produced in 16-gauge steel which is heavier than the original. The product is made in one piece which eliminates the center seam. All is properly edged and reinforced and includes the hood hinge as well.

There is an additional $125.00 UPS oversize surcharge that is added to our normal 10% shipping charge.


  1. CJ2 Type WILLYS stamped sides.
  2. WILLYS silhouette cut out for back lighting.
  3. No stamping or cut-outs for CJ3A or M38 types.
  4. Large WILLYS stamping (1 1/2" high by 12" wide) across front of hood.