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We reproduce RUST REPAIR JEEP BODY PARTS and BODY PANELS which include FLOOR PANS, SIDE PANELS, FLOOR SUPPORTS & WHEELHOUSES. We also have WILLYS stamped WINSHIELD PANELS, CJ2 & CJ3 HEAVY DUTY BUMPERS & much more for 1941-1995 JEEPS including MB-CJ2A-3A-3B-M38-CJ5-M38A-CJ7-YJ-48-51 JEEPSTER, 46-62 WAGONS & PICKUPS and CJ8 SCRAMBLER. We are licensed to stamp WILLYS, JEEP and DODGE into our various products by CHRYSLER LLC. All of our products are MADE IN THE USA.


Greetings Jeep people                                                              

You are about to begin working on the most universally recognized vehicle on the face of the Earth. You are also saving a great piece of Americana from the ultimate melt down. We hope that you see the advantage of using our panels & components in your repair or restoration. It should be noted that our reproductions are of the same gauge as the original in most applications, or steel of a heavier gauge wherever we considered the original component to be too light for it's application. Note that we have developed WILLYS, JEEP and DODGE stamped products through a special licensing agreement with Chrysler LLC. We will be introducing an expanded line of WILLYS, JEEP and DODGE stamped products as time allows. All of our products are made in the USA.

We hope that our products will be of interest to you & likewise hope that your project goes well.

LaMonte - Classic Enterprises

!!! Below Is Just  A Sampling Of A Few Of Our Parts. Please Make Sure to Use the Menu At The Top Of The Page to Find All The Parts For Your Specific Jeep Or Willys. !!!

All Are Made Here In The USA

'41-'52 WILLYS Jeep CJ2A, CJ3A,MB and M38 Hood with Reinforcements and Hinge

     ***********  New   NEW   New   NEW   New  **************

You asked us for it, so we built it. This hood is built just like the original out of  18 gauge steel, two pieces with the seem down the middle and the correct WILLYS stamping. All the supports are made from 16 gauge steel and spot welded under the hood as they should be. The hinge is included and attatched for an easier install. This hood is an excellant reproduction and BUILT in the USA.


Add to Cart $450.00 plus 125.00 shipping Willys Stamped


Add to Cart $400.00 plus 125.00 shipping MB Unstamped


* You must drill the holes for the hood latches.

* No Snorkel cut out



Full Length 1997-2006 Jeep TJ Torque Boxes

Under Floor Torque Box Body Supports For All 1997-2006 Jeep TJ's

Our newly reproduced under floor torque boxes are now available as full length units. The main structure is produced in 16 gauge steel the inner supports are made in 12 gauge as was the original. All applicable nuts for seats, roll bar and body mounts are pre-attached. Our product is of exceptional quality and made in the usa.

Add to Cart $325 Drivers Side

Add to Cart $325 Passenger Side

Add to Cart $625 Driver and Passenger

Jeep torque box

Cowl Area Reinforcements For All 1951-1995 Jeeps

Jeep Cowl Area Reinforcement

Nicely die formed in heavy #14 gauge steel as was original.


Add to Cart $60.00 Drivers

Add to Cart $60.00 Passenger


1997 - 2006 Jeep TJ  Torque Box Floor Support Clip

Jeep yellow       Jeep red

Torque Box Floor Support Clip


1997-2006 Jeep TJ Torque Box Floor Support Repair Sections

Driver and Passenger Side Available


The main portion of your TJ body is connected to the frame via floor support "torque boxes" which follow the lower outer edge of your jeep body from front to rear. There are 3 frame-to-body attachment points per side which secure your body to the frame via the torque support boxes.

Now for the bad news...The support boxes are notorious for rusting out and turning into brown flakes which can cause all kinds of structural and safety issues. (Note that usually only the last 30 inches of the torque boxes go bad.)

Now for the good news!! We now reproduce a quality repair clip as a cure for the aforementioned problem. Our properly gauged torque box clip is approximately 37 1/2 inches long as measured from the rear forward. We have extended the box an extra 3 1/2 inches forward of the standard 34 inch mark so that you will have extra material to either trim off or hammer form to fit the curved forward areas of the torque box if necessary.

Attachment reinforcements and nuts are attached for your convenience. You may order in standard steel for welding into place or order in galvanized steel for riveting or screwing into place.

Bottom View                             Top View
Jeep torque box bottom view                  Jeep torque box top view


Add to Cart Standard Steel - $175.00 PER SIDE

Jeep Front Fender Repair Panels For '88-95 YJ Wrangler
Must be Modified For All '76-86. CJ5, CJ7, and Scrambler Types

1987-1995 YJ WRANGLER TYPES (Can be modified for use on CJ5, CJ6, and CJ8 scrambler types)

Newly reproduced American made front fender repair panels with properly formed wheel flare lip in original #18 gauge steel.

Jeep front fender      

Offered in three forms:

Option 1. Front fender overlay

Made in standard original #18 gauge steel and intended to be placed directly over rusty or damaged areas. Use rivets, screws, adhesives or weld to secure to original fender skin.

Add to Cart $120.00 per side in standard #18 gauge steel

Option 2. Front fender overlay

Made in rust resistant #18 gauge galvanized steel and intended to be placed directly over rusty or damaged areas. Use rivets, screws, or adhesives to secure to original fender skin.

Add to Cart $150.00 per side in galvanized #18 gauge steel

Option 3. Original type front fender repair skin

Made like the original fender skin in #18 gauge standard steel. Detach your original fender skin from the jeep and inner fender splash apron. Install our panel with bolts or welds like you would when installing an original fender skin.

Add to Cart $180.00 per side in standard #18 gauge steel

Be certain to specify your correct vehicle type in the "options" menu upon ordering.

(Note that our panels are priced as an introductory offer and do not include the inner fender splash apron.)

Jeep Custom Hoods for MB, CJ2, CJ3A, M38

Our new hood is an exceptional product intended to fill a specific custom or severe-use need. Produced in 16-gauge steel which is heavier than the original. The product is made in one piece which eliminates the center seam. All is properly edged and reinforced and includes the hood hinge as well.

Jeep hood topview     Jeep hood willys stamp

Jeep hood CJ2 type Willys stamped sides


CJ2 Type WILLYS stamped sides

Add to Cart $495.00 per hood


Jeep hood Willys stamped sides


WILLYS silhouette cut out for back lighting

Add to Cart $520.00 per hood


Jeep hood


No stamping or cut-outs for CJ3A or M38 types:

Add to Cart $450.00 per hood


Jeep hood


Large WILLYS stamping (1 1/2" high by 12" wide) across front of hood

Add to Cart $60.00 per stamping



Jeep Wheel Flare Area Repair Panel

Jeep wheel flareMB, CJ2, 3, M38, EARLY CJ5, and M38A

Properly gauged steel - 2 1/4" exposed face with a flanged edge for a flush fit for welding. Yes, the wheel side edge is properly rolled inward as was original.


Add to Cart $85 each

Jeep Front Side Panel Cowl Reinforcement

1941-1964 CJ2A, 3A, 3B, M38


(A very nicely done reproduction)


Add to Cart $60 each



Jeep front side cowl replacement

!!! Above Is Just  A Sampling Of A Few Of Our Parts. Please Make Sure to Use the Menu At The Top Of The Page to Find All The Parts For Your Specific Jeep Or Willys. !!!

All Are Made Here In The USA

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Thank you in advance for your patience and consideration.

LaMonte - Owner of Classic Enterprises