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About Us - Classic Enterprises

Classic Enterprises was founded in 1982
by Lamonte Radwanski. He began building panels in his basement for his own Studebaker, and soon realized that other Studebaker owners needed the same parts to rebuild their project cars. From there the operation has grown and moved to the shop we work out of today, still in Northern Wisconsin. The inventory now includes not only Studebaker, but also a robust Jeep and Willys lineup, as well as Ford, and Dodge.

Mark and Mary O'Brien took over Classic Enterprises in 2018 after Mark, a lifelong hardcore Jeep enthusiast, had worked for the company for nearly 10 years. If you've given us a call over that time you've likely spoken to Mark, just like you still will if you call today.

Classic Enterprises continues to make body parts and panels that are top of the line and manufactured in the USA.

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