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We have an amazing new product for you!!   Steering rates that were built into your Studebaker in the '50's and '60's and into Avantis until the early '80's  were notoriously and boringly slow because of design tradition and general control resistance of original type bias ply tires.  Our quick steering arms along with your updated radial tires will make an impressive improvement to the handling qualities of your Stude or Avanti.  You will immediately notice a quicker steering response, better road feel, and a sharper turning radius.  Your Stude will handle more like a modern car guaranteed!  The quick steering arms are easily installed in a few hours and will fit any Stude or Avanti between the years of 1951-1982.  *Note that the quick steering arms are intended for use on all types of Studebakers with power steering. 


Add to Cart $155.00 Quick Steering Arm Kit 


 Studebaker rocker panel trim

*A personal note from the owner of Classic Enterprises---"Quick steering arms were installed on my personal Avanti and my '55 President Coupe.   I was thoroughly amazed and impressed by the difference it made.    Magic I say!!"


1953-1964 Studebaker CK Coupe and Hawk  Anti-Kink Hood Stiffeners

Freshly re-designed to give greater strength to a notoriously kink prone area on all '53-'64 Coupes and Hawks and some '53-'58 sedan tpes. Our new design is properly shaped to your hood edge contour and will reinforce the kink prone areas for a length of 23 inches.Preferred attachment is via plug welds along the outside hood lip.  Pop-rivets, automotive adhesive or a combination of both is sometime used by some installers.  Remember that it is always a wise precaution to install our anti kinks whenever doing a restoration or a paint job.  Installation instructions will be included with your purchase.

Add to Cart $85.00 Pair

Remember that it is always best that you personally open or close your own hood.  Always pull the hood toward you when opening and push away from you when closing.  Use sufficient force to make it work as smoothly as possible.  Make sure that your pivot points are occasionally oiled and that your hood springs are in proper shape. 

   anti kinkanti kink

'53-58' Studebaker Sedans, Coupes, Contertibles and Wagons  Hood Return Springs

At least one half of a century has gone by since your original hood springs were new. It is pretty well guaranteed that they may be somewhat weakened by now. A change and update may well be in order!


Add to Cart $50.00 Set of Four (4)


 return springs

'53-58' Studebaker Sedans, Coupes, Convertibles and Wagons Floor Panels


Our Floor Panels are 22" wide and extend from the firewall seam to the rear seat riser in length. Our die stamped panel is manufactured in heavy 18 gauge steel and now includes the seat anchor plates pre-attached. Note that our Floor Panel thresholds are properly formed and are arched front to rear just like the original floor panel which will allow for proper Rocker Panel placement and the maintenance of original body shape and proper door fit upon completion.

Note also that we have paid close attention to original indent detail which is necessary for a proper repair or restoration. We have used original Studebaker archive prints in order to achieve a high degree of accuracy in our product.

Add to Cart $270.00 Driver Side Including Joiner Strip

Add to Cart $270.00 Pass Side Including Joiner Strip

Add to Cart $520.00 Pair 6 Pieces Including Joiner Strip


Master Cylinder Access Cover

(Can also be used as a gas tank sender unit cover)


Add to Cart $8.00 each





'53-58' Studebaker Sedans, Coupes, Convertibles and Wagon Spare Tire Washer



Add to Cart $15.00 Spare Tire Washer Hold Down

'53-'58 Studebaker Sedans,Coupes, Convertibles and Wagons Lower Door Skins

Approximately 5"H x full length. Forward and bottom edges rolled as original. Rear edge left open to allow for proper installation. Upper edge is flanged for a flush fit.

Add to Cart $45.00 Driver Front

Add to Cart $45.00 Passenger Front

Add to Cart $45.00 Driver Rear

Add to Cart $45.00 Passenger Rear




'53-58' Studebaker Sedans, Coupes and Convertibles Rocker Panels 

Our rocker panels have pre- formed weatherstrip channels and are properly arched from front to rear just like the originals which will allow for the maintenance of proper body shape, proper door fit and general ease of installation. Made of original gauge steel. Bolts are attached to all two-door types as was original. Ends are properly die formed as is true of all our rocker panels.

2 Door shown-All 4 door types available.

(Choose options in shopping cart.)

Add to Cart $190.00 pair

1953-1958 Studebaker Sedans, Coupes, Convertibles and Wagon Vent Patch

Our product is very nicely formed in proper gauge steel. The vent patch has a flanged perimeter which allows for a flush fit during installation and can be ordered as a unit with the hinge and shroud collar attatched as shown below. Dimensions: 7 1/2"W x 13 1/4"H revealed face plus a 1/2" perimeter flange which allows for a flush fit when welding.  (Can be special ordered without perimeter flange).

Vent Patch

Accurately die formed with new tooling.

Add to Cart $85.00 each

1953-1958 Studebaker Sedans, Coupes, Convertibles and Wagons Hinge and Shroud Collar

Our newest generation of hinge and shroud collars is an exceptional product via new tooling.

Add to Cart $85.00 each

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1953-1958 Studebaker Sedans, Coupes, Convertibles and Wagon Vent Patch and Hinge & Shroud Collar Attached

Vent Patch and Hinge & Shroud Collar Attached


Both products are securely spot welded together which will allow for faster installation. (Can be special ordered without perimeter flange).

Add to Cart $185.00 each



1953-1958 Studebaker Sedans,Coupes, Convertibles and Wagon  Vent Shrouds

Our shrouds are reproduced in rust-proof fiberglass. Original appearance is maintained. Set of 4 pieces.

Add to Cart $135.00 Per Car

Add to Cart  License Plate $20.00

 1953 -1958 Studebaker Sedans, Coupes and Convertibles Exhaust Hanger Bracket  

Tailpipe hangers are now avilable for all '53-'66 Studebaker CK/Hawk and Sedan types.  Our hangers are produced in heavy 14 gauge steel and made in exact accordance to archive prints.  Our product and will look just like what you see in our photo at the right.  Be sure to specify driver/passenger or both when ordering.   

Add to Cart $35.00 Exhaust Hanger Driver

Add to Cart $35.00 Exhaust Hanger Passenger

Add to Cart $70.00 Exhaust Hanger Pair



 Studebaker rocker panel trim

Studebaker Script Stamped Panel

Our heavy 16 gauge die stamped panel is ideal as a wall hanging in a Man Cave, a patio bench backrest, a panel for the face of an office desk or as an overlay for a damaged original Stude pickup tailgate.  Our panel size is 17 3/4" X  49".  The quality of our stamping is exceptional.

Add to Cart $250.00 Script Stamping


Studebaker Sunglasses by Classic Enterprises

A very limited stock of special "AVIATOR  STYLE" sunglasses with gold STUDEBAKER script is still available.  Put them on and you will be guaranteed to look and feel at least 20 years younger when "Cruisin" in your favorite Stude.  ----Honest---

Add to Cart $26.00  Studebaker Sunglasses


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