Avanti Studebaker Ford Dodge Jeep

Avanti and Avanti II


Torque Boxes (Hog Troughs)

We produce a top quality die formed product intended for the easiest possible installation without the necessity of removing the body from the frame or having to cut any of your fiberglass panels.

Our product is overbuilt and specifically reinforced in high stress areas while maintaining original appearance after installation.

$1,675.00 Pair

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Avanti torque boxes


Your original Avanti torque boxes were attached to the body before the body was mounted to the chassis. Thus, the body must be removed in order to properly replace a rusted-out torque box with an original type. Likewise, areas of the fiberglass body may have to be cut out in order to provide access during various stages of installation. You might imagine that both scenarios would be both costly and time consuming, and that such an installation is generally within the capacity of only those with the stoutest of hearts.

We have developed a product that can be installed more easily than an original type of torque box. Our product is made in five main pieces per side. All become a unit when installed. A minimum of welding is required. Our product can be installed without disturbing the finish of a newly-painted Avanti.

We have now developed special tooling that has considerably upgraded our original product. The outer rail is now produced in steel that is heavier than the original. Our special Classic Enterprises internal stiffener rail has been added or extra strength and body support. All  main components are properly die formed in properly gauged steel.

Special attention has been paid to improved fit, ease of installation, and maintenance of original appearance.

Installation does not require specialized skills or tools. Complete installation instructions are included and are available upon request. Give us a call for further details.

 View From Top:
Avanti torque boxes Avanti torque boxes
Driver Side Passenger Side
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Avanti torque boxes Avanti torque boxes
Driver Side

Passenger Side

"63-82" Avanti and Avanti II Quick Steering Arms

We have an amazing new product for you!!   Steering rates that were built into your Studebaker in the '50's and '60's and into Avantis until the early '80's  were notoriously and boringly slow because of design tradition and general control resistance of original type bias ply tires.  Our quick steering arms along with your updated radial tires will make an impressive improvement to the handling qualities of your Stude or Avanti.  You will immediately notice a quicker steering response, better road feel, and a sharper turning radius.  Your Stude will handle more like a modern car guaranteed!  The quick steering arms are easily installed in a few hours and will fit any Stude or Avanti between the years of 1951-1982.  *Note that the quick steering arms are intended for use on all types of Studebakers with power steering.

$155.00 Quick Steering Arm Kit

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 Studebaker rocker panel trim

*A personal note from the founder of Classic Enterprises---"Quick steering arms were installed on my personal Avanti and my '55 President Coupe.   I was thoroughly amazed and impressed by the difference it made.    Magic I say!!"


Avanti Seat Anchor Repair Device

Our newly developed Seat Anchor Repair Device is intended to properly stabilize the forward portion of your front seat if the seat retaining nut pockets have broken loose internally from your fiberglass floor panel.

Our repair device is a quick, easy and professional looking fix. Your carpet will cover the repair, thus original appearance will be retained. Pop rivets, washers, bolts and instructions are included.

$45.00 each One per side

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Avanti Spare Tire Hold Down Washers

Spare Tire Hold Down Washer 6 inch DIA

A very nice die struck and plasma cut product.

$15.00 each

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Studebaker Script Stamped Panel

Our heavy 16 gauge die stamped panel is ideal as a wall hanging in a Man Cave, a patio bench backrest, a panel for the face of an office desk or as an overlay for a damaged original Stude pickup tailgate.  Our panel size is 16" X  48".  The quality of our stamping is exceptional.

$250.00 Script Stamping

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Studebaker Sunglasses by Classic Enterprises

A very limited stock of special "AVIATOR  STYLE" sunglasses with gold STUDEBAKER script is still available.  Put them on and you will be guaranteed to look and feel at least 20 years younger when "Cruisin" in your favorite Stude.  ----Honest---

$26.00 Studebaker Sunglasses

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