Avanti Studebaker Ford Dodge Jeep

1997-2006 JEEP Wrangler TJ

Rear Corner Tail Light Panel Section

Bottom edge formed at 90° angle. Flanged upper edge for welding purposes. Rear is curved, then formed at 90º angle, to properly meet the tail light panel.

Exposed surface approximately 17-3/4 inches tall, when measuring from lower edge to bottom of flanged area.

$55 Driver

$55 Passenger

$100 Pair

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Torque Box Floor Body Supports

The main portion of your TJ body is connected to the frame via floor support "torque boxes" which follow the lower outer edge of your Jeep body from front to rear. The original TJ boxes are notorious for rusting out and turning into very undesirable brown flakes that can cause all kinds of structural and safety issues. We reproduce a high quality relacement that will chase such problems out of existence. The accuracy of our patterns, tooling and manufacturing processes assure that our product will install as easily as possible which will save you a considerable amount of time, money and frustration.

The main structure of our boxes is manufactured in American 16 Gauge Steel. All appropriate nuts for seats, rollbar and body mounts are pre-attached. Our product is of exceptional quality and made in the USA.

Full Length Torque Boxes

Our full length torque boxes are very accurate reproductions that are properly gauged.

$325.00 Driver

$325.00 Passenger

$625.00 Pair

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Double Mount Torque Box Repair Sections

Sometimes only the rear portions of your torque boxes are rusted out. We have a quality repair clip that is a cure for that problem.

Our properly gauged clip is approximately 37 1/2 inches long as measured from the rear forward. We have extended our box and extra 3 1/2 inches forward of the straight and flat 34 inch area of your original box so that you will have extra material to either trim off or fit the curved forward areas of your original torque box if necessary.

$150.00 Driver

$150.00 Passenger

$300.00 Pair

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Single Mount Torgue Box Repair Sections

Single mount sections for the middle and rear body mounts. Both middle and rear are approximently 15 inches long. These allow for a quicker install and less down time for your TJ.

$75.00 Driver Middle

$75.00 Passenger Middle

$150.00 Pair Middle

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$75.00 Driver Rear

$75.00 Passenger Rear

$150.00 Pair Rear

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Pictures are top and bottom of driver and passenger clip.












"Jeep" Stamped Side Panel Repair

The Jeep stamped lettering is exact in accordance and approved by FCA LLC.

The forward, rear and lower edges are a duplication of the original. The upper edge is flanged to allow for a flush fit when clamping and welding along the driver and passenger side entrances.

$155.00 Driver

$155.00 Passenger

$310.00 Pair

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Side Panel Lower Repair Strip

Our panel is formed with a  flanged upper edge that allows for a flush fit for welding purposes. The length of our panel begins with a 900 fold at the front fender seam and ends with a properly formed wheel arch area just like the original. Our panel has an exposed face surface 4" high.

$50.00 Driver

$50.00 Passenger

$100.00 Pair

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Floor Panels Full Length X Narrow Width

We now produce an exceptional narrow full length  floor panel which includes the firewall lap joint and spans backward to the rear floor riser.  The 9" width will put your attachment seam inboard of your original torque box and floor panel spot-welds.  Our panel will repair the rusty spot-welded areas that attatch your floor to the torque box plus any floor panel rust that has occurred in the sidewall seam area.

$110.00 Driver

$110.00 Passenger

$210.00 Pair

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Passenger Side

Studebaker rocker panel trim

Driver Side

Tailgate End Body Support

Tailgate end supports are intended to attach the body to the frame via a body bolt at each end of the support.  Our product is a very close representation of what was original to your Jeep.  It is properly gauged and die formed with all captured nuts brought to original factory size and standard.  We have paid very close attention to quality and detail and thus have an exceptional product for you.

Our end supports can also be custom ordered  to convert to a drop down tailgate.

$215.00 Each

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