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Jeep TJ Torque Box Floor Support - Full Length

Jeep Wrangler TJ Full Length  Body Support Torque Box Floor Support
Jeep TJ Torque Box Full Length Drivers
Jeep TJ Torque Box Full Length Passenger
Jeep TJ Torque Box Full Length Pair

The main portion of your TJ body is connected to the frame via floor support "torque boxes" or body supports which follow the lower outer edge of your jeep body from front to rear. There are 3 frame-to-body attachment points per side which secure your body to the frame via the torque support boxes.

While integral to the overall strength of your TJ frame, the Torque Boxes are often some of the first things compromised by rust, and therefore it is important to inspect and replace if needed.

  • Main Structure is 16 gauge steel
  • Inner Supports are 12 Gauge Steel
  • Nuts for Seats, Roll Bar, and Body Mounts are Pre-Attached
  • None of our panels are cosmetically coated. Click here to find out why.
  • Made in the USA