Avanti Studebaker Ford Dodge Jeep

72-75 Jeep CJ5 "Jeep" Stamped Side Repair

72-75 Jeep Stamped Side Repair Driver
72-75 Jeep Stamped Side Repair Passenger
72-75 Jeep Stamped Side Repair Pair

Our CJ5 '72-'75 "Jeep" Stamped Side Panel Repair is now available with the correct "Jeep" stamp and placement as shown. The placement of the "Jeep" stamp is very important if you are restoring with the correct stripping. Note that the upper edge of our panel is flanged to allow for a flush fit when clamping against your cut along the driver and passenger side entrances. The forward, upper, rear and lower edges of our panel are a duplication of the original. Made in 18 gauge American steel. Unstamped panels are available upon special request.

None of our panels are cosmetically coated.  Click here to find out why.

Made in the USA