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Jeep CJ7/8 YJ B Pillar Repair

Jeep CJ7 CJ8 YJ B Pillar Repair
B Pillar Repair Section Driver
B Pillar Repair Section Passenger
B Pillar Repair Section Pair
  • Fits CJ7, CJ8, and YJ

  • Approx. 5 inches tall

  • Includes inner support baffle, with drain hole, for added strength

  • Pre-folded tabs for ease of installation

  • 18 gauge American Steel

  • None of our panels are cosmetically coated. Click here to find out why.

  • Made in the USA

This is our B Pillar Repair Section. The B Pillar is also known as the support on the door latch side of your Jeep.

We reproduced the original Jeep design for the bottom portion of the pillar, because we've found this is the area that rusts out most frequently.

If this is the part of your pillar that needs replacement, our section will save you time during installation.

 BPillar Right Side
BPillar Left Side
BPillar Comparison