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Dodge Tailgates - Stamped

Dodge stamped tailgate
  Quantity Price/Item  
DODGE Stamped Tailgate 55 3/8" Wide $675.00
DODGE Stamped Tailgate 50 3/8" Wide $650.00
  • '51-'83 DODGE Pickup Trucks & Power Wagons
  • Stamped in 16 gauge steel as was original to the vehicle.
  • Wide and narrow box versions
  • Tailgate height is 21 1/2" by either 50 3/8" or 55 3/8" wide.
  • The DODGE lettering detail stamping is accurate in accordance to the standards of FCA LLC.
  • An exceptional product backed by a 30 day money back guarantee.

We are proud of every product in the wide array of parts and panels that we manufacture in our shop. But, there are some items that stand out as statement pieces. That are every bit as visually impactful as they are heavy-duty, quality built parts. Our Dodge Stamped Tailgate is one of these.

The best way to showcase this part in particular has to be with this article (link) by FourWheeler Network (fourwheeler.com). It includes a photo (linked here),which shows just how effective this tailgate is at making a statement.