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Jeep Outboard Rails - Floor Support CJ7, CJ8 76-86

Jeep CJ7 CJ8 Outboard Rail Support
Outboard Rail Floor Support CJ7-8 76-86 Driver
Outboard Rail Floor Support CJ7-8 76-86 Pass
Outboard Rail Floor Supports CJ7-8 76-86 Pair

Fits Jeep CJ7 and CJ8. The Floor Supports or Outboard Rail Supports are die formed in steel heavier than the original. Captured nuts which were typical to all types are attached to all of our supports for an easier install. This is a great way to replace your rusty and or bent supports during repair or restoration and give strength back to you floor.

Top and bottom views are shown in the photo below. The support as shown is side interchangeable and is to be used on either the driver or passenger side as was original to the vehicle.

None of our panels are cosmetically coated.  Click here to find out why.

Made in the USA