Avanti Studebaker Ford Dodge Jeep

Jeepster Floor Panels - Full Length - 1948-1951

Jeepster Full Length Floor
Jeepster Full Length Floor Panels - Driver
Jeepster Full Length Floor Panels - Passenger
Jeepster Full Length Floor Panels - Set - Pair

Full length drivers side shown above. Very nice reproduction. Passenger side available.

Note that we now properly form the upper toeboard bend and overbend the bottom toeboard bend to meet new packaging requirements. The installer merely has to manually unfold the bottom bend to a nearly flat position, release, and the toeboard area will "spring back" to a close approximation of the proper angle. Minor adjustments can then be made for a proper installation, noting the 2 notches and 2 punch marks per panel.

Steering Column and Pedal cutouts are as shown. You will have to adjust or modify if your original Floor Panel is different.

Outboard rear of floor panel must be cut, elevated, and a wedge shaped patch of sheet metal must be added to match the original look of the floor (or simply save the same area of your original floor if appropriate).