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Studebaker Floor Panels 1953-1958 Sedans & Wagons

Studebaker Floor Panels 1953-1958
Studebaker Floor Panels 53-58 Driver
Studebaker Floor Panels 53-58 Pass
Studebaker Floor Panels 53-58 Pair

Our Floor Panels are 22" wide and extend from the firewall seam to the rear seat riser in length. Our die stamped panel is manufactured in heavy 18 gauge steel and now includes the seat anchor plates pre-attached. Note that our Floor Panel thresholds are properly formed and are arched front to rear just like the original floor panel which will allow for proper Rocker Panel placement and the maintenance of original body shape and proper door fit upon completion.

Note also that we have paid close attention to original indent detail which is necessary for a proper repair or restoration. We have used original Studebaker archive prints in order to achieve a high degree of accuracy in our product. 3 Pieces per side.