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Studebaker Aluminum Rocker Moldings - GT Hawk

Studebaker GT Hawk Aluminum Rocker Moldings
Bright Anodized Aluminum Finish (set)
Matte Gold Finish (set)


Greetings Studebaker People!!

Our Limited stock of GT Hawk Aluminum Rocker Moldings are available in both a freshly anodized bright aluminum showroom finish or in a very limited quantity of matte finished gold for custom use. Both types are of exceptional quality and are intended for 1962-1963 and 1964 GT types but will fit all CK’s from 1953 to 1964. They can also be special ordered for all 1953-1960 sedan types to give your car a very distinct and classy look.

The moldings can also be made to work as side panel trim on ‘56 Hawks. Our Rocker Moldings will also fit a surprising number of modern cars, SUV’s and pickups that have the same approximate rocker height and profile. Late model Cadillac’s, Mustangs and Ford pickups are few examples.