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Studebaker Torque Boxes GT Sub-floor

Studebaker Torque Boxes GT Sub-floor
Studebaker Torque Boxes GT Sub-floor Driver
Studebaker Torque Boxes GT Sub-floor Passenger
Studebaker Torque Boxes GT Sub-floor (set)

GT types only

The purpose of the torque boxes was to add rigidity to the car body. The boxes attach along the length of the rocker area and also to the underside of the floor panel. Each end is to be capped by body supports which can be ordered separately.

We produce a quality die formed product which maintains original strength and appearance. Produced in original gauge steel.

Can be ordered separately by phone 715-537-5422.

Studebaker Torque Boxes GT Sub-floor

1953-1961 Sub-Floor Torque Boxes

The Studebaker engineers added torque boxes to the 1953-1964 hardtop types to add rigidity to the body. Without the original boxes your Stude may be somewhat "too flexible" to suit your present day fancy. There is no re-manufacture of the '53-'61 torque boxes because of the complexity of the system and because too little demand exists at this time.

But all may not yet be lost.

The boxes used on pre-GT types were made as a wider box than the GT types. When the GT was developed, the Studebaker engineers used the outboard portion of the earlier box to add some rigidity to the GT body. (note our cross section line drawing below in the CK Rocker and Inner Rocker illustration).

The outboard part of the box which we re-manufacture is the most complex part of the system which would be very difficult for you to hand fabricate. Many of our customers install a GT type box on their earlier Studes and consider the installation adequate. Others install our GT boxes and add a hand fabricated inboard box for a little extra rigidity and a more authentic appearance. The main obstacle to both installations is that the inboard side of our GT box will have to be cut to allow the acceptance of the earlier type center body support, which is different than the GT center support. The modification is easy to do and can be patched and undercoated to look quite presentable.

Many of our customers have done an installation as outlined above with impressive success. (It should be noted that our boxes can be retro-fitted to an already painted vehicle if necessary. All installation can be accomplished unobtrusively with no welding through the use of modern adhesives, metal screws, or pop-rivets).

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